Here’s a collection of many of the fun projects I’ve been involved in!

At the moment, I’m not involved in any, but if you’d like to reach out to work together, shoot me an email at


Not-for-profit/advocacy work

(2020-21) Ticcing Together

In my newest project, I was the internal/external development consultant for Ticcing Together, an organization dedicated to provide education about, being an advocate for, and raising awareness about Tourette’s and other tic disorders. My roles involved facilitating meetings, outreach, developing metrics and strategic consultancy. I’ve also developed a strategic plan brief. The goals will be ambitious, including scaling the organization’s reach to 10,000 unique engagers,  implementing strategic initiatives, and deeply tech-enabling the community – all before the end of 2021. Exciting stuff!

Skills developed:

  • business/strategic analysis
  • marketing/storytelling

Sample work available upon request.


Writing/Content Creation

In addition to these projects, I have delivered over 50 Toastmasters speeches – see below for manuscripts of some of my favourites.

(2019) Creative writing

For the past year, I’ve been a content creator and website administrator on WordPress (check out my blog)! I’ve also contributed to LinkedIn with an article about struggles of overcoming imposter syndrome and expectations.

Skills developed:

  • content creation
  • SEO/analytics

Sample work:

(2015) Editor and guest writer

I spent 5 months a a Video Intern, producing a video about passive crime prevention. I also edited/proofread numerous documents and wrote an article about my experience as an intern,

Skills developed:

Sample work:



(2015) “Canadian March”

This was a short 5-minute piece I wrote for brass quintet as an audition to the Young Composer’s Project (MIDI).

(2015) “Dance and Fanfare”

This was  (also) a short 5-minute piece I wrote for brass quintet as an audition to the Young Composer’s Project (MIDI).

Skills developed:

  • Composition
  • Document proofreading/quality control



(2019) Math 499 – “Symmetry and Animal Locomotion”

This is the result of 4 months of original research I did at the University of Alberta. I presented my work at the 2019 Alberta Mathematics Dialogue. The text of the paper is available upon request.

Skills developed:

  • Technical research
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Public speaking


Public speaking

(2020) Club Coaching

Over the course of 7 months, I coached a Toastmasters club to double its membership and achieve the highest level, through the implementation and execution of a Club Success Plan.

Skills developed:

  • Marketing/Public Relations
  • Content creation
  • Social media
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking

Sample work:

covid-19-tm-ad – A short, 1/4 page ad usable to advertise in newspapers or on social media.

(2019) Youth Leadership Program

Over the course of 4 months, I developed and edited materials for an iteration of Toastmaster’s “Youth Leadership Program”. We met weekly, where students were encourage to give speeches, evaluations and impromptu speeches.

Skills developed:

  • scheduling meetings
  • document creation
  • time management
  • public speaking

Sample work:

Reference letter exemplar: reference-letter-exemplar

Others available upon request.

(2017-2020) Toastmasters Speeches

I’ve given over 50 speeches at my home Toastmasters club, in addition to numerous presentations public speaking skills. My audiences have included community groups, others Toastmasters, industry professionals and doctoral candidates in the School of Public Health. The culmination of my efforts was the bestowment of the “Distinguished Toastmaster” designation – I was only the second person in the 40 year history of my club to achieve this milestone.





Public Presentations

Mentorship (adapted from a workbook from Toastmasters International)


A general guide to public speaking (for doctoral students in the School of Public Health)


(2018) Materials for “Constructing Conversation”, a workshop develop to teach communication, network at public speaking skills at the University of Alberta. I ran these workshops over the 2018-2019 academic year.





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